Pegasus to present at SPE 2021 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 

Pegasus will present a paper and slide presentation entitled:                                      Catastrophic Events and Human Error -                                                                              "A Few Rotten Apples" or Organizational Dysfunction.                                                    The paper submits three reasons why organizations continue to incur catastrophic events within a low occupational injury environment.                                                                        Venue: Hyatt Hotel and Towers, Port of Spain, Trinidad.                                                  Dates: 28th - 30th June 2021 (Now a virtual conference due to COVID-19).

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Pegasus is an independent boutique consultancy, but with the global reach to help organizations better manage their Major Operating Risks while transforming their Operating Cultures to improve the  predictability and sustainability of their results. Partnering with company leadership, Pegasus helps to create unprecedented levels of Operating Discipline to effectively eliminate non-compliant actions and behaviors to deliver effective Barrier Assurance and drive down serious and potentially catastrophic events to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable). Pegasus uses the principle that what gets measured gets done and that operating performance whether good or bad, is ultimately a direct reflection of how organizations lead, motivate and engage their employees. Pegasus creates a single "line of sight" between the things made important at the C-Suite and the perceptions, actions and behaviors of the workforce. 

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Have you ever been surprised or caught off-guard by your operating performance? Did things appear to be going so smoothly one minute, only to go so badly wrong the next?


If this even remotely sounds like some of your own experiences, it could be that your performance monitoring simply isn't giving you the whole picture around Operating Risk. Companies will commonly measure performance by outputs and results, but when it comes to determining Operating Risk, that often isn't enough. Metrics need to be employed that provide a more balanced and robust picture of performance such that companies can better understand their true risk profiles. In this way, organizations become much more confident in their forward looking outlooks and as a result, are able to better predict their future operating costs in the full knowledge that no nasty surprises lie hidden just around the next corner. 

Pegasus launches virtual Operations Risk workshops via Marcus Evans  

In response to continued demand for its workshops, Pegasus will begin delivering a 1-day Operational Risk and Human Error virtual workshop in September 2020 via its ongoing collaboration with Marcus Evans.

Venue: Virtual / Remote.

Dates: Further Dates Coming.                                                                                               Contact: for more details.