(HSSE) Management System Development and Implementation:

Pegasus helps companies develop state of the art HSSE Management Systems based on international standards such as ISO 18001, or specifically for the oil and gas industry, the IOGP guidelines for the development of HSSE Management Systems. However, whether starting from ground zero or where comprehensive and robust HSSE Management Systems already exist, Pegasus helps turn expectations into reality. To achieve this, Pegasus employs its "three bucket" model to illustrate that the   documented standards contained in the HSSE Management System are as much for senior executives (Visible Leadership) and they are for middle managers and line supervisors - both being necessary to create the supporting Operating Culture. The HSSE Management System should never be viewed as a more comprehensive HSSE Manual, but the basis for continuous improvement in reducing the company's exposure to its principal risks. Furthermore, the management of safety is not achieved via a stand alone function, but more via a cross-functional process and the HSSE Management System - if well designed - should illustrate the varied and numerous accountable functions often involved to  deliver this. The "three bucket model" illustrates that leadership must first create and sustain a working environment that enables employees to consistently do the right thing before establishing specific ways of work designed to ensure operations are consistently executed to the correct standard. In other words, the HSSE Management System is simply a collection of aspirational statements until such time it is converted into both leadership and line manager / supervisor actions.

Pegasus' "three bucket" model