1) Getting Serious About Major Hazard Events (MHE)

This article discusses the typical and traditional responses to Human Error - particularly in terms of barrier integrity (and as part of Major Hazard Event management). It shows that many organizations  use up valuable resources on corrective actions that ultimately add little to no value - yet company leadership continue to be surprised when repeat incidents occur.

3) "Fixing" Human Error Part 1 - Fixing the Human Error in Major Hazard Events (MHE) 

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Since the early nineties, the team at Pegasus have effectively been providing innovative thinking and solutions to many organizations. Pegasus has authored numerous position papers and articles - often on ground breaking subjects and ideas - which have been published in many leading journals. Many of these position papers are available to download as a resource to help organizations better understand specific subject areas or as a way to benchmark their own performance and culture. Please contact us for further details. Below is a recent selection for immediate download.

This publication illustrates the fact that despite the very best of intention, such rules not only attempt to simplify a more complex problem, but in doing so attempt to be all things to all people. Furthermore, this publication argues that often "Human Error" at the workplace is ultimately not fixed by rules and discipline but by changes in leadership behavior. 

2) "Fixing" Human Error Part 2 - Life Saving Rules

This article addresses the substantive changes many organizations (within the oil and gas industry) still need to make in order to demonstrate effective ongoing barrier management (as part of Major Hazard Event management). Further illustrates that the use of occupational injury metrics has no place in determining availability and integrity of barriers.