Workshops and Training: 

Pegasus provides a wide range of workshops designed to transform operating cultures, practices and improve the reliability and predictability of outputs and results. Workshops are often developed and tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients but some common titles include:

  • Identification, Assessment and Risk Ranking of Major Hazard Events (MHE);

  • ​​Gaining Barrier Assurance - Measuring the availability and integrity of the first and last lines of defense by embedding the HSE (Safety) Case into day to day operations;

  • Management By Walking Around (MBWA): Transform cultures of "casual compliance" and build an accurate picture of operating perfromance; 

  • Incident / Unplanned Event Management and Investigation: Simple yet extrememly effective techniques that cut straight to the underlying causes;

  • The Safe System of Work (SSoW) - A risk based approach that incorporates Permit to Work (PtW), Work Instructions, Job Safety Analysis and Competence into a single, integrated and user friendly system; 

  • Managing Hazards as Energy Sources and Basic Risk Modeling;

  • Better Corrective Action Management: Using the 2 x 2 Matrix of Human Behavior to ensure corrective actions always meet their objective;

  • Motivational Safety - Making Safety Personal;